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Kharus Olga Anatol’evna, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of history and documentation, Tomsk State University (36 Lenin Avenue, Tomsk, Russia), 

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Background. The study is aimed at revealing and complex estimation of subjective and objective factors of formation of the “Siberian society for assistance to sick and wounded soldiers and war victims” as specific form of social activity in war conditions.
Materials and methods. Novelty of the author’s approach lies in using a multidisciplinary concept of “regional identity”, as the main category of analysis, in order to achieve the set goal. Interest in the problem of identity is caused by aspire to expand the research space by supplementing it with mental attitudes, value orientations,
spirituality forms of social subjects.
Results. The research results allow to present Sibirtet as a form of social interaction in the context of dynamics of mass social sentiment, taking into account general logics and main trends of socioeconomic, political and cultural development of Siberia. Based on the analysis of motives of establishment and activity of the present organization the author revealed concrete historical circumstances that significantly influenced the dynamics of the regional identity structuring.
Conclusions. During WWI the regional identity became one of the significant factors of new social practices formation in Siberia. At the same time, actualization of identity in the said period of time in many respects was of situational nature. The more the nation-wide crisis became apparent, the greater was the trend of identity blurring. 

Key words

regional identity, Sibirtet, public sentiment. 

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